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Kerala : A Piece of World History

Posted by mullookkaaran on August 29, 2009

Kerala Stands first in many respects in India and also in the World. This small States itself formed a unique piece of political history of the World. This is the first State were the Communists came into power through ballots. The Kerala State was formed in 1956, November 1. In the first general election to the State Legislative Assembly, the Communist Party of India won majority seats. An eleven-member Ministry, with EMS Namboothiripad of the Communist Party as Chief Minister, was sworn in on April 5, 1957. However, it was dismissed on July 31, 1959. The next ministry in the State was formed by a coalition front led by the Congress. Again 1967, Communists came back to power. This government was also led by EMS. The Communist Party split into two in 1964. The two factions were called the Communist Party of India and Communist Party of India (Marxist).

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